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We help children

who fled the war in Ukraine

About the charity organisation

The charity organisation Kroky Dobra was established in the spring of 2022 to help children refugees from Ukraine. The organisation's activities are focused on the comfortable integration of Ukrainian children into Czech society and the educational system.


To make children feel at home in the Czech Republic, we have developed an integration programme that brings them as close as possible to their usual pre-war lifestyle.

Educational centre

One of the main areas of our activity was the opening of an educational centre for children of refugees from Ukraine, so that they could easily adapt to the new environment and get the opportunity for self-realisation and creative freedom.

Our educational centre offers Czech and English language courses for children and teenagers, various creative activities, psychological training, professional vocal lessons and an adaptation group for children aged 3 to 6.

Psychological support

An integral part of our work is psychological support for parents and children to ensure the most comfortable conditions.

As part of our psychological support, we provide individual psychological counseling and group training for children and adults, canistherapy (a method of rehabilitation for children and adults using specially trained dogs), and zoo therapy.

Entertainment events

Together with our partners, we organise a lot of fun activities to bring smiles back to the faces of children affected by the war in Ukraine.

We have already managed to organise a boat trip on the river with an extensive animation programme, competitions, gifts and food. We have also organised a tour of Prague, theatre visits for children, movie nights for teenagers, and many family and children's parties with animators, face painting, a buffet, and various fun activities and gifts.

Humanitarian aid

Our organization periodically distributes hot meals, baby food, pet food, and clothes for children and adults.

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