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Charitable Organization

Kroky Dobra

We help refugee children from Ukraine to adapt and take the first STEPS towards integration into Czech society.


By helping us, you give little Ukrainians a decent childhood!

In order to support as many Ukrainian children as possible, we need regular financial assistance

How you can help


Volunteer help

Organisation of excursions

Replenishment of the library

Teaching English

Our projects

About us

The purpose of our organisation is to support children affected by the war in Ukraine. To ensure that their lives do not stop here in the Czech Republic, we offer them various educational and training programmes, psychological and humanitarian support, and organise entertainment events for children.

Educational centre

One of the main areas of our activity was the opening of an educational centre for children of refugees from Ukraine, where they can attend various language courses, art classes, vocal lessons and others for free.

Psychological support

An integral part of our work is psychological support for parents and children, which includes: individual psychological counselling, group trainings for children and adults, canistherapy and zoo therapy.

Entertainment events

We organise many entertainment events and family parties with animators, shows, gifts, etc. to bring smiles back to the faces of children affected by the war in Ukraine.

Humanitarian aid

Our organisation periodically distributes hot meals, baby food, pet food and clothes for children and adults.

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