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Rallies in support of Ukraine

Just a year ago, our wards were living their peaceful lives in Ukraine. Today, they are trying to build their new lives in the Czech Republic because of the terrible war. One of the ways we can all support Ukraine in its fight for freedom is through rallies.

The vocal group "Kroky Dobra", which was formed based on our educational centre, together with the entire team of the organization, had the honor to take part in rallies in support of Ukraine. The President of the Czech Republic, the representative of Ukraine in the Czech Republic, the ambassadors of America and the UK, representatives of charitable foundations, and our children reminded the locals that the war is ongoing and our support can bring Ukraine closer to victory.

The vocalists had the opportunity to share their emotions through the song "Not Your War". Because of the horrors they have experienced, little Ukrainians need support and help, which we are providing and will continue to provide for as long as it takes for the children to fully heal from the horror they have experienced.


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