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Art therapy with Amiga Migrant

In October, our “Kroky Dobra” educational centre launched an art therapy course. Art therapy is a type of psychological help that uses art to help people work through stress or traumatic experiences. The creative rehabilitation course helps to

  • reduce anxiety and aggression;

  • resolve internal and interpersonal conflicts;

  • share embarrassing issues;

  • analyze your emotional state;

  • develop fine motor skills.

Art therapy sessions at our centre are held in three age groups:

  1. Children 3-6 years old;

  2. Children aged 6-9 years;

  3. Adults over 18 years old.

During art therapy sessions, art acts as a mediator between a person experiencing certain stress and a psychologist who helps to solve the problem. In this way, a specialist can provide effective help without traumatizing the psyche and using a person's subconscious associations.

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